We are doing research and implementation works concerning waste materials and how to use them to produce good-quality solid and liquid fuels as well as other innovative products. This is the implementation of the assumptions of the circular economy and it gives the possibility to limit the negative impact of the mining industry on the environment.

The most advanced works are carried out in the field of processing fine-grained by-products (coal slurry and post-flotation waste) into low carbon fuels for commercial power industry and individual heating, which are characterized by low emission factors during the combustion process.

This is particularly important in the context of growing environmental requirements, because it allows to significantly reduce the emission of pollutants without having to invest in expensive exhaust after-treatment systems. An innovative technology for highly efficient use of post-coal waste has been developed, which allows to create an innovative product with high market potential. Another benefit is the fact that using wastes gives a possibility to reclaim degraded areas and that significantly improves the state of the environment in post-mining areas. Additionally Porto Palo Ltd. undertakes activities to use waste biomass and process it into ecological fuel for commercial power industry and individual heating in an environmentally friendly and low-emission technology.